F-Secure VIP Portal is set up for you, F‑Secure Consumer Product Reseller.

New  ID Protection

Prevent online identity theft

What does VIP Portal have to offer?

In VIP Portal you can find information about F-Secure products, tutorials, instructions and the latest news and insights.
You have an easy access to all the marketing materials and you can download materials like products texts, digital brochures, box shots and logos for your own use.
Also, in VIP Portal you can order free point-of-sale material and request marketing materials like banners, adverts and posters that include your own content and logo. 
As an F-Secure reseller you are eligible to get F-Secure TOTAL product for free for your personal use.



F-Secure SAFE internet security won the Best Protection 2018 Award

"Throughout the entire year of 2018, F-Secure SAFE demonstrated the highest level of security performance, which AV-TEST recognized with the "Best Protection 2018" Award."

- Maik Morgenstern, CTO AV-TEST GmbH