Internet security and VPN for all devices


Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or higher

Memory requirements: 1 GB or more

Disk space: 1.2 GB free disk space


Processor: Intel 

Memory requirements: 1 GB or more

Disk space: 250 MB free disk space

Security and privacy in one subscription


To do our banking, shopping and social activities online, we are sharing more and more of our personal lives on the Internet. This means we now need to protect not just our devices, but our personal information as well. F‑Secure TOTAL combines the award-winning security of SAFE and the easy-to-use privacy app FREEDOME VPN into one subscription. This gives you complete security and privacy on all your devices.


The amount of phishing emails and viruses has increased significantly because they exist to make money for their creators. Different viruses can gather your personal information, such as contact details, pictures, other personal files, and banking information. With all your credentials, cyber­criminals might be able to access your banking and other personal information and cause a lot of irreversible damage. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping, banking, and information sharing by keeping all your devices protected against malware.


F-Secure TOTAL has been created for PCs, Macs, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets to keep you safe and untracked on the web.