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That’s why we have gathered tutorials and instructions on what VIP Portal has to offer and how to use all the available tools.
On this page, you can also find other useful tips regarding selling F-Secure products.

What does VIP Portal have to offer?

  • POS material ordering tool
  • Information about F-Secure products
  • Download product texts, digital brochures, box shots and logos
  • Free reseller licenses for your personal use
  • Tutorials, instructions and the latest news and insights 


The top arguments for selling F-Secure products

Download the PDF by clicking the button below and read more about topics like: 

  • Ransomware spread through many channels
  • Online banking attacks and hoaxes
  • Attackers use phishing to steal sensitive information
  • Mobile devices are the most used devices
  • F-Secure vs. free antivirus software

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From where I can get my reseller license?

As an F-Secure reseller you are eligible to get F-Secure SAFE, F-Secure FREEDOME VPN, and F-Secure KEY Premium products for free for your personal use. We think it's important that our resellers know how to use our award-winning products.

  1. Log into VIP Portal
  2. Click "Products" from the menu and choose "Reseller licenses"
  3. Choose a product from the dropdown menu
  4. Subscription code and instructions will be sent to your email

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